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quoteDesigned a one page flyer for a direct mail to designated zip codes by income. He handled the design of the piece. Took it to the printers for printing. Chose the zip codes delivered it to the post office for distribution. We had fantastic sales the month of December based on the piece.quote
Judy Kellogg ~ Civetta Consignment
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Enhanced Responsive Design

Projects that display on different screen sizes for desktop and devices
Custom Websites that look good on all devices, Columbus, Ohio

Aptune Web Design Benefits:

  • Conforms Automatically to All Devices
  • Easy to Read on Smart Phones
  • Custom Design Tailored To Your Business
  • No Templates!
  • Listed High in Google and All Major Search Engines
  • 24/7 365 Days a Year Support
  • You Own The Code!
  • GoDaddy Account Set Up in Your Name
  • Free Simple Changes (Copy and Paste by Email)
  • Monthly Newsletter with Innovative Ideas

Aptune Web Design (614) 524-6916 is a Columbus Area and National website company. Aptune can provide you with a custom website in as little as 7 days. From basic static websites to programmable websites, Aptune can handle it all for a very affordable price!
I offer 4 Models for purchase:

Aptune provides 24/7 365 support for any changes or additions your business site may need. The best part about using Aptune Web Design is you own the code. That means if your business wants to handle the maintenance, the website is ready for anyone to take over.

Aptune uses the latest HTML 5 coding with PHP programming language, all hand written in a fluid layout that looks good on all devices, so there's no need for a cell phone app. Your all set! All you have to do is answer your phone and sell!

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Experience World Traveler and Educator

Innovative and Creative, and the Latest Design Methods
Web Master Allen Patterson

Meet Allen Patterson
I would like to be your IT department. I have 8 years experience in web design. I have traveled to 8 different countries and experienced many different cultures. I understand marketing and business. Most small businesses cannot afford in house employees to handle their website full time. I will maintain your small business website for very little cost as opposed to hiring employees, offering 24/7 service to update your website hassle free.

Website Success!

Updating your website monthly or even weekly is the key to high rankings and will also more importantly keep your visitors up to date on what products, services and specials you are offering for the month or week. Updating will keep them coming back to your small business website looking for more monthly or weekly deals.

Facebook Smart

I find a lot of small business owners post on facebook. I always say, "Do you want to sell to your friends or the general public?" Don't waste your time updating facebook, update your website. Google is not allowed to crawl in Facebook. Nothing shows up on the web posting on facebook. Just your 234 friends see it. Wouldn't you rather post on your website so the entire city of Columbus sees it?
A smart alternative solution is to put a share bar on your small business website. Let the visitors share your site, products and or services on their facebook page. That is how a smart small business utilizes Facebook. That's Facebook Smart!

Yellow Pages are Dead!

Having a updated ever changing website is key to your business success in this day and age. You could not change your yellow page add back in the day.
If you let your website sit like an old yellow page add, post on facebook, depend on walk by traffic and word of mouth to grow your business, you are missing out on true growth, sales and profits utilizing your business website as a main selling tool.

5 Star Service
Aptune Web Design is dedicated in giving you the best service possible. That means I am available 24/7 365 days a year to make changes or additions to your business website usually in less than 2 hours of your request.

High Google Rankings
Updating your site with fresh new content is the key to moving up in Google rankings. When you succeed, Aptune Succeeds! That's why Aptune makes free simple copy and paste changes to make sure you are found on the web giving your visitor new fresh up to date content.

Best Regards,
Allen Patterson
CEO and Web Master

Professional Vector Design and Print

Using the Latest Software Adobe® Illustrator CC and InDesign CC
Latest Adobe®Software Adobe®CC  Columbus, Ohio

Aptune Web Design uses the latest version of Adobe® Illustrator and InDesign CC working with Citicom Print and Graphics Company located in Columbus, Ohio to ensure the final print product looks great! What's that all mean to you? Vibrant colors and crisp clear print that makes an impression of quality.
Aptune Designs:

  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Flyers
  • Brochures

Latest Adobe®Software Adobe®CC  Columbus, Ohio


USPS MAILING + Marketing = Profits

Every Door Direct Mailing is Fast Easy and Productive
Print design with EDDM mailings Columbus, Ohio

  • Custom Design Reflecting Your Business
  • Full Color
  • Glossy
  • #120 Paper 11"wide 6.25" tall
  • 5000 Fed Ex Printed Flyers
  • Mailed to 5000 Residents in your area in 1 Day using USPS EDDM Mailing(Every Door Direct Mail)
  • 10 Business Day Completion from Design to Mail Box

Reach Every Mail Box in Your Area
Aptune Web Design uses USPS's EDDM(Every Door Direct Mail) in conjunction with FedEx Printing service. This particular flyer measures a whopping 11.5 inches wide and 6.25 inches tall with a #120 thickness, Full Color, All gloss Front and Back.

It was mailed to 10,000 mailboxes in the Columbus, Ohio area using EDDM (every door direct mailing by USPS) and made a huge difference for Civetta's Success as a newly owned business. Would you believe each flyer was printed and mailed for less than a cost of a stamp each? That includes Aptune's Fee for handling the whole design, printing and mailing process in most cases, 9 days of your order.

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