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Professional Detailed Consultation

Custom Websites that look good on all devices, Columbus, Ohio

Professional Evaluation Website Fee
Pay Today January 27, 2015, 9:18 am
Evaluation will be Completed by
January 28, 2015, 9:18 am

  • Is your business in need of a professional website?
  • Are you tired of waiting for your current website designer to get things done?
  • Or are you doing this on your own and just don't have time to deal with it?
  • Not getting listed?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, Aptune Web Design can give you a full detailed valuable evaluation of your current small business website. You can take this valuable information and make your own decision of where your small business website should be heading.

My name is Allen Patterson. I run Aptune Web Design. This is all I do. It's like this, you can replace your brake pads and rotors by yourself in your garage taking up your entire weekend. Or you can take it to a professional and get it done fast and correctly.

Your small business website needs to be done by a professional. It's not about saving money. It's about making money and producing leads.

I will be glad to give you a full 1 hour evaluation of your website in person or a detailed written evaluation of your small business website by email. I will professionally evaluate your current website situation and give you ideas and direction to produce leads from the web and in turn produce sales for your business.

If you decide you would like to go forward with Aptune Web Design this Professional Evaluation Website Fee will be deducted from your websites total price.

Enhanced Responsive Design

Custom Websites that look good on all devices, Columbus, Ohio

Aptune Web Design Benefits:

  • SSL Certificate Installed (Automatically ranks you higher in search engines)
  • Conforms to All Devices
  • Go-daddy Account in Your Name
  • Domain Name Cost 1 Year
  • Server Space Cost 1 Year
  • You own the Code including PHP Programming Code!
  • Share Button
  • Facebook Link (if applicable)
  • Twitter Link (if applicable)
  • Pinterest Link (if applicable)
  • Instagram Link (if applicable)
  • You Tube Support
  • 24/7 365 Support (1 Year)
  • Free Simple Changes
  • In House or New Web Design Company Takeover Allowed with No Hassle

Aptune Web Design (614) 524-6916 is a Columbus Area and National website company. Aptune can provide you with a professional custom website in as little as 14 days. From basic static websites to programmable websites, Aptune can handle it all for a very affordable price!
I offer 4 Models for purchase:

Aptune provides 24/7 365 support for any changes or additions your business site may need. The best part about using Aptune Web Design is you own the code. That means if your business wants to handle the maintenance, the website is ready for anyone to take over.

Aptune uses the latest HTML 5 coding with PHP programming language, all hand written in a fluid layout that looks good on all devices, so there's no need for a cell phone app. Your all set! All you have to do is answer your phone and sell!

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5 Star 24/7 365 Days A Year Service

Allen Patterson Aptune Web Design

Aptune Web Design can be your IT department. I would like to start a Business Owner to Owner relationship providing creative solutions to sell your services and products by creating a unique professional website that simply gets found on the web.

Aptune will grow your Online presence creating Leads that convert to Sales. Isn't that what a website should do?

Website Success & High Google Rankings!

Updating your website monthly or even weekly is the key to high rankings and will also more importantly keep your visitors up to date on what products, services and specials you are offering for the month or week. Updating will keep them coming back to your small business website looking for more monthly or weekly deals.

5 Star Service
Aptune Web Design is dedicated in giving you the best service possible. That means I am available 24/7 365 days a year to make changes or additions to your business website usually in less than 2 hours of your request.

Best Regards,
Allen Patterson
CEO and Web Master

Professional Vector Design and Print

Latest Adobe®Software Adobe®CC  Columbus, Ohio

Adobe® Illustrator CC and InDesign CC

Aptune Web Design uses the latest version of Adobe® Illustrator and InDesign CC to ensure the final print product looks great! What's that all mean to you? Vibrant colors and crisp clear print that makes an impression of quality.
Aptune Designs:

  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Flyers
  • Brochures

Latest Adobe®Software Adobe®CC  Columbus, Ohio

Aptune Web Design Serving the Columbus Ohio Area

Business Owner to Owner Web Solutions Call ME! (614) 524-6916

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