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Welcome to Aptune Web Design!

Aptune Web Design is a custom web design company located in the Columbus Ohio Area, offering up to date mobile ready websites, print design and marketing solutions. Aptune is a one stop shop for all your business online and mailing needs. Aptune loves to help people make their businesses successful. Aptune is a bit different than most web design companies. The easiest way to explain it is to think of Aptune as Picasso. You, the business owner, are contracting me, Allen Patterson, to design your business website in my own style.


That means you must trust me. You may see my style on my clients tab. This means that the design of the site remains 100% responsibility of Aptune. This process streamlines the process of getting your site live ASAP. After All, my name is at the bottom of every site I produce and maintain. Aptune's philosophy is design is only opinion. You never can please everyone. The magic of a good website is not the design but the functionality. For example, how many of you critique the design of Amazon.com or Walmart.com? None I bet, because it simply, as a user and consumer, doen't matter and has no bearing on your decision to buy a TV. You are there to buy the TV. I would be glad to discuss your business needs over the phone or email. Aptune offers a FREE consultation for my vision and break down of how I would handle your complete website package if I were hired. You can take this vauable information anywhere to any design firm if you like what you hear or you can decide to go with Aptune Web Design.

5 Star Service

If you would like a well functioning site that sells your services and or products with excellent rankings on Google(FREE SEO), make a decision with confidence and choose Aptune Web Design. You may beat Aptune's prices, but I, Allen Patterson, assure you no one will ever beat my 5 star service!

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